Parent Education

Parent Education

Parenting Wisely Teen


This program is available online, as well as in person. Call our office for more details.

Parenting Wisely Teen is designed for parents to learn the necessary skills to raise healthy well-balanced teenagers. This 8-week course covers typical everyday problem situations including: doing household chores, stepparent-youth relationships, monitoring "troublesome" friends, improving poor school performance, sibling rivalry, and finding drugs.

This interactive format

provides different video enactments  and common reactions from typical family struggles. Many ineffective reactions can be changed after participating in this program. Your relationship with your teenager can become stronger with the skills you learn in weekly sessions. 

Each problem behavior

is portrayed and then common reactions are discussed through an interactive question and answer session. The in-depth tutorials highlight the parenting skills depicted and give further insight into beneficial behavior. This class is typically suited for ages 10-17.


Incredible Years

Incredible Years helps parents feel more confident in coping with behavior problems that occur all too frequently in young children. All parents want their children to do well in school, to respect their parents, and to be happy and healthy. Incredible Years emphasizes promoting children's social, emotional, and academic competence as well as strategies for reducing behavior problems.

These strategies will help your child learn to regulate their emotions and help you learn how to respond to their fears and anxieties. You will continue to enjoy learning about parenting and playing every day with your children, for these opportunities offer the next generation the necessary nurturing and hope to equip them for the future. Ages 2-9

Circle of Parents

It's natural to have questions, to seek advice, and feel the need to discuss parenting challenges. Not knowing the answers to every question doesn't mean you are a bad parent. It means you're normal. Circle of Parents offers this parent self-help support group for this very reason. The group offers free, weekly meetings where parents can share information, strategies, ideas, and support.


The groups are led by a trained facilitator

Circle of Parents offers a place for parents to talk about everything from discipline issues to successful strategies for getting kids to help with household tasks. Circle of Parents is an ongoing weekly support group where all conversations are interactive and confidential.